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Jason Ridgel About Me

Jason Ridgel is an exceptionally successful entrepreneur, funlanthropist, travel enthusiast and business mogul based in Nashville, Tennessee. For ten plus years, Jason has founded, invested and led groundbreaking ventures throughout the United States. Whether in a boardroom making critical executive decisions or empowering the lives of others, Jason is a visionary poised to make an impact that changes lives globally. With the foundation of being The Best Jason in the World, Jason is a powerhouse.

Jason currently serves as a partner of Music City Dream Cars (based in Nashville, TN), the premier provider of exotic automobile rentals in the Southeast. He also serves is owner/founder JUSCO Med with offices on the West Coast and Nashville. Founded in 2012 to serve the needs of active, athletic adults, JUSCO Medical is a healthcare management company that provides pain management solutions and health products. Jason also founded Touch MMC, a Los Angeles-based mobile massage company that specializes in corporate events. In the midst of his business initiatives, he is a generous supporter of the Arts and a partner in the non-profit (501c3) organization Individuals Providing a Positive Presence (IPPP Inc.). Jason’s passion for giving back inspired him to turn his philanthropic initiatives into what he has trademarked as “Funlanthropy,” to combine his love of travel and revelry with traditional fundraising models to promote having a great time while supporting worthwhile causes.

Born in Queens, New York, Jason grew up in Auburn/Birmingham, AL. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Business Information Systems from Tennessee State University, he launched his first business venture—a cleaning service. Jason shortly after moved to Los Angeles, California to realize an unfulfilled dream to attend one of the top schools in massage therapy. From there, the accomplished mogul has continued to press forward into the present, always on a mission to realize his dreams and help others to do the same—one vision, one venture, one charity, one destination at a time.

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